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thinky thoughts

[beeep] "Hallo there, lovelies. I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment, which probably means I'm doing something fun. Or dead in a ditch. Or stuck under something heavy. If you think it's option number one, leave a message. If you think it's option two or three, do be a dear and call for someone who drives a vehicle with a siren attached."

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[His return call comes much later, after he's had time to listen to the message and let the words sink in; if he's being honest, he's touched by what Arthur's saying, but he's also worried. Because Arthur isn't the type to open up.]

Arthur...? I just got your message. Is everything okay? I mean, I just...

It was sweet, what you said.

But I'm wondering if you're okay.

Let me know once you get this.

[He wont' reply, sorry Eames.]

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