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[IC Inbox]
thinky thoughts

[beeep] "Hallo there, lovelies. I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment, which probably means I'm doing something fun. Or dead in a ditch. Or stuck under something heavy. If you think it's option number one, leave a message. If you think it's option two or three, do be a dear and call for someone who drives a vehicle with a siren attached."

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man on the move
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dream a little bigger

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http://triple-d-events.livejournal.com/31882.html?thread=9225866#t9225866 - 20+

(no subject)
Sooooo, just so no one is concerned that I'm going off the deep end/about to croak: I'm fine, I'm not dead, no need to worry. My nose stopped bleeding, and I slept a solid thirteen hours last night, so I'm feeling much better.

And, no, I did not pay someone to hit me on the back of the head so I could black out, even if I joked I would.

(no subject)
smirky smile

Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.