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[IC Inbox]
thinky thoughts

[beeep] "Hallo there, lovelies. I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment, which probably means I'm doing something fun. Or dead in a ditch. Or stuck under something heavy. If you think it's option number one, leave a message. If you think it's option two or three, do be a dear and call for someone who drives a vehicle with a siren attached."

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Is nothing that special, just some time alone with you.

Which is still a more than enjoyable reason for me to hurry back. I'll be there as soon as I can, love.

I will be waiting here then.

Good. I'll move as quickly as possible to return.

((Want to action spam this or do a RL? :3))

((yesss, feel free to actio spam))

[Arthur is cooking in the meantime.]

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[When Eames walks opens the door, he walks in with a large paper bag in one arm that contains the wine. He goes to look for Arthur and is both surprised and delighted to see him in the kitchen.]

Are you cooking, darling? [He says it as he walks close, still holding the wine]

Does it look like I'm doing something else? [Just a casual reply, nothing bitter about it. He gives Eeames a peek on the cheek.]

I'm nearly done.

Mm, excellent. [He grins at the peck on the cheek, before letting his chin rest on Arthur's shoulder for a moment.]

You're so multi-talented, darling. I didn't know cooking was one of your many, many skills.

[He's enjoying the contact. He says nothing, but you can see the corner of his lips curve into a really small smile.] Dunno about you, eames, but I do like eating.

[He sees the smile, making his own grin grow a little wider. He lets one arm loop around Arthur's waist.] Oh, I do as well, but I'm the type to use restaurants, take-out places, and room service do all the work for me.

[He turns his face to kiss Eames's chin.] It won't kill you to try homemade food from time to time. I promise is to poisoned.

Oh, on the contrary, darling, I have no doubts in your abilities. If you're half as good at this as you are at your many other talents, then I'm looking forward to food fit for a king.

One day I'm going to break a leg falling from that pedestal you put me in. [The shadow of a blush, there it is, in his cheeks.]

[Eames sees that blush, which makes it impossible for him to resist leaning in to kiss the side of Arthur's face.]

Well, if that happens, love, I promise to nurse you back to health from your metaphorical injury.

[He doesn't resist, but tightens the grip on the dish on his hands so he doesn't drop the plate by accident.]

Hmm....? Small consolation. Go sit, the table is all set up.

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