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(no subject)
Sooooo, just so no one is concerned that I'm going off the deep end/about to croak: I'm fine, I'm not dead, no need to worry. My nose stopped bleeding, and I slept a solid thirteen hours last night, so I'm feeling much better.

And, no, I did not pay someone to hit me on the back of the head so I could black out, even if I joked I would.

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That was a virus? I'm glad to know you are all right, Mr. Eames.

Thanks. I'm not sure if it was a virus or what that was, exactly.

Are you sure you are all cured? What if you are still sick? You should see a doctor.

Maybe I will. Depends on if I still sleep alright over the next few nights.

Isn't it? I live to pester you another day.

I could just feel the joy radiating off of you.

Isn't it nice?

Did you guys, er...break the curse or whatever it was?

Yes! I'm so glad that everything turned out okay in the end.

I'm not sure to be honest... I know that Mr. Palazzo was in the middle of trying to do it by setting a trap for the spirit, but I'm not sure if it worked or not. Maybe it really was something to do with the virus after all...

[Action- I'm assuming Arthur is still in the hotel room.]

[The voice comes from the dorm.] Reasuring your fans, Eames?

[Action - assume away!]

Oh, indeed. I would hate for my harem of devoted followers to think I was at death's door.

((There's so many jokes I could make about Arthur, being in Eames' hotel room, helping him sleep.))

I'm sure they would cry if that ever happens.

((lol go ahead XD))

Oh, I'm sure. There would be wailing, gnashing of teeth, tearing of garments. I'd hate to cause such a commotion.

((>D Dont tempt me to))

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