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(no subject)
smirky smile

Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.

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You know...my first impression of him did not shout "Lady Gaga Fan".

Are you sure? Because it looks an awful lot like you.

Neither was mine. I wonder if he was drunk or simply has a closet Gaga side. Only alcohol will tell.

None of those options. An alcohol will tell us nothing, I'm not drinking with you ever again.

So, can I guess he was the friend you were talking about before?

I think I'm actually more surprised to learn that he owns a t-shirt.

I guess I just always assumed that you never wore anything that wasn't a part of a three piece suit.

Dom, this is a breakthrough! He knows how to shop at places other than Armani!

Everyone's telling me they need to meet, so. :>

....I'm not sure if I should be impressed or mildly disturbed. That can't really be him.

:> They do, all dream-related folks must chat

He says it isn't, and the video says it's a Joseph Something-Whatever, but: it looks just like him. Either he's a lot more fun than originally anticipated, or he has a clone.

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