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smirky smile

Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.

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Care to tell me what is this?

And don't say. You singing bad romance, I can see that.


Didn't i tell you not to forge into me?

Me? Arthur, this very clearly you. I had no hand in this.


I didn't! Believe me, if I forged as you, I would do something much worse than this. I happened to find this.

I never did such thing, Mr. Eames, I assure you. even if I'm good at French.


I shouldn't but I believe you. You would do something much, much worse, that's why you know you shouldn't do it unless you value your safety. Where did you find this travesty?

You sure you didn't have a few-too-many hard drinks and decide to go at it? I've never seen you drunk, but I bet you'd go crazy.


YouTube, darling. Apparently this video's quite the little sensation right now.

I' sure I didn't. You never saw me, and you will never see me. Only people who can't control themselves gets drunk.


The joys of the internet. Who's the name of the guy?

Everyone drinks, pet. There's no shame in letting loose on your down time, you know.


Joseph Something-something? I'm not sure, I don't recognize the name.

Drinking and getting drunk on your ass are different things.


Sounds like a really silly name. His voice is nice, though.

But doing the latter is more fun and memorable.


He looks and sounds exactly like you, you narcissist.

Unless you do something ridiculous or humiliating.


[He snickered at that.]

...But he isn't me. Would you like it if there were two like me?

I did say 'memorable'.


[xD It's truuue]

Ooh, but of course. Two Arthurs to play with would be delightful. And one of them has a sense of humor!

Sometimes those fall in the same category.


[Not going to deny it~]

And I bet that both of us can convince you to stop annoying us.

Ridiculous and humiliating things can be valuable life experiences, darling.


Actually, I'd bet your clone would team up with me to tease you. He seems like a fun sort of fellow that way.

I will leave those to you just so you can enjoy them.


Try to find him and ask him.

You remain an eternal stick-in-the-mud, darling.


Oh, believe me, it is now my personal quest to find Joseph Something-something and drag him onto the side of mischief.

You still like me.


I would put it pass you. I pity him already.

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