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smirky smile

Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.

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I'm sure I never sang something like that, even less in public. But yes, he does look a lot like me.

Maybe you've got an evil twin floating about in the multiverse...or whatever they're calling it.

An evil twin that sings Lady Gaga. Curious at the very least. Perhaps you have one as well.

I do speak French, though.

Edited at 2010-09-09 08:05 pm (UTC)

I hope not.

Oh? Have you ever been there? To France?

One might never know for sure, Ariadne.

Yes. I move around a lot, but I lived there.

That's where I am now, actually.

Work, pleasure or university? You don't look French.

University. I've been been studying here just over a year now.

And you like it? What's your career?

I love it. Everything about France is just...amazing.

I'm studying architecture.

The whole city has a charm to it.

Ah, I like that.

I do too. Otherwise, I wouldn't be studying it.

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