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smirky smile

Arthur, darling, I had no idea that you were so musically gifted. Or that you could be so fun! Nice to see you actually have a hidden, not-so-deadly-serious side.

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I need to see you drinking. Either that'll mean you'll finally loosen up, or I'll get to see you be the most sour-faced drinker in the bar.

Yes, pet.

No, Eames.

That one is new.


I'll have to use it more often, then, pet.

There's better things to do than get drunk and sing silly songs.

It's not necessary, honestly.

Why do I imagine your list of "better things to do" is: 1) Work, 2) Eat, 3) Sleep, 4) Buy Armani.

All the more reason for it.

1 and 3 often happen together. And yes, all of those things are better than getting wasted.

I don't get you at all sometimes.

Says me.

Sometimes. It means, from time to time.

I was under the impression you understood me none of the time.

And when, exactly, do you claim to understand me ever?

If I tell you it would spoil the surprise.

That's code for 'I am lying'.

You can't even tell when I'm lying to your face, much less now.

I know you're lying about this much, darling.

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